Melbourne, Australia
Each fortnight the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) brings you the China Path Podcast - episodes with business leaders, government representatives and business case studies who share their advice on how businesses can best navigate the growing opportunities of China's middle class and their desire for Australian goods and services.

The podcast covers market access, eCommerce, export strategies, investment updates, on the ground support in China, trade show information, intellectual property briefings, Australia week in China, business case studies among other topics that can help you take advantage of the immense commercial opportunities in China.

This episode: the other China (South-West) and the health sector with Lisa Renkin (Victorian Government)

By declaring 'let some people get rich first', Deng Xiaoping sparked off economic development along China's east coast. However, today China's south-west and lower tier cities are rapidly catching up and have much to offer Australian businesses in trade and investment. The Victorian Government's Deputy Trade Commissioner Lisa Renkin outlines how the south-west offers first mover advantage, greater access to government officials and fast developing infrastructure, as well as significant opportunities in the health sector with increasing demand in health, med tech and aged care expertise, as well as the incentives of Chengdu’s High Tech Zones.


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