Tehran International Permanent Fairground , Tehran, Iran

Austrade is organising a visit program for Australian meat exporters and stakeholders as part of MeatEx show in Tehran. The program includes a B2B Networking Reception, a Roundtable, and a potential site visit.

Iran remains an important and growing market in the Middle East for Australian meat exporters, given its large population (over 80 Million) and increased Government policies to secure supply chains for meat. Australia’s export of sheep meat to Iran increased by 1200% in 2017 (AUD 45 Million) compared to 2016 (around AUD 230,000) with opportunities to increase exports further in 2018 and 2019.

Following representations from the Australian Trade and Investment Commission, the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and Meat and Livestock Australia, the Iranian Veterinary Organisation (IVO) recently approved 100-days shelf life period for vacuum-packed chilled sheep meat from Australia, creating additional market opportunities for the Australian exporters and removing market access barriers.

About MeatEx Iran

Once again, Iran hosts the exclusive event of meat industry and products in the Middle East. Iranian and international experts, producers, and consumers will get together to explore the present and future potential of the meat industry.

MeatEx is the confluence of industry and product. The whole chain of production, packaging, distribution, warehousing, and sale of red meat, poultry, seafood, and processed meat products will be represented at the expo.

Participating in this fair, as the only specialised halal meat product exhibition in the world, and the only meat industry trade fair in the Middle East, provides an ideal opportunity for producers and suppliers to enter, or establish a strong presence in the specified markets. Iran, as a country with a population exceeding 80 million represents an important part of this significant market.

Program details

What types of business should particpate?
Australian meat exporters, stakeholders and meat association representatives.

Date: 12 to 15 November 2018
Venue: Tehran International Permanent Fairground

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