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Each fortnight, the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) brings you the China Path Podcast featuring episodes with business leaders, government representatives and business case studies who share their advice on how businesses can best navigate the growing opportunities of China's middle-class and their desire for Australian goods and services.

Episode 25: Why Australia? Chinese students on studying abroad

International education has become Australia’s 3rd largest export sector valued at $28 billion.

As of 2018, currently more than 166,000 of those students, or 43 per cent of the total cohort come from China to pursue their tertiary study at a reputable and high-quality Australian university.

In  this episode, ACBC look at the motivating factors behind a student in China opting for Australia as a study destination. What exactly goes into their decision-making process?

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Episode 24: AFL and Sports Diplomacy in China

As the first foreign sports league to play games in China for points, the Port Adelaide Football Club has been the pioneer and driving force of seeing the AFL played annually in China for the last two years.

In this episode, ACBC speaks with Port’s Andrew Hunter on the rationale behind Port’s China strategy, the underrated role sports diplomacy can play in Australia-China relations and what goes into making an AFL game a reality on the ground in China.

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Episode 23: Refining your long-term Brand Strategy for China

In this episode, ACBC speaks with Andrew Kuiler from The Silk Initiative in Shanghai about refining your long-term brand strategy in China.

They discuss the Chinese consumer’s evolving tastes, the central government’s health targets and considerations businesses need to take regarding the labelling, packaging and flavours of their products from a company with extensive China market experience with clients such as Arnot’s, PepsiCo, Campbells, Pizza Hut Mccain Foods and Brolos Lobsters.

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Episode 22: Charity in China

In this episode, ACBC speaks with Deanne Bevan from the Half the Sky Foundation Australia on operating a charity in China.

Deanne explains how OneSky originally got started and achieved registration as an NGO charity in China. ACBC looks at the wonderful work OneSky does with children across China and how it delivers childcare capabilities and training to China's emerging charity sector.

ACBC also discuss China's new charity law, the growing philanthropy sector in China and how donors get involved with the Foundation.

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Episode 21: Classic music collections

This episode covers the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, who in May completed a 10-day tour of China, performing in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Beijing.

ACBC catches up with the MSO’s Chairman Michael Ullmer on the Shanghai leg of their tour to discuss the popularity of classical music among young people in China, what’s involved in putting a China tour together and how cultural ties can help bring opportunities for Australian business.

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Episode 20: Millennials and Innovation

In  this episode, ACBC speaks with China Policy's Managing Director, Philippa Jones on China's policy environment.

They discuss how policy is formulated in China, and how interpreting policy can feed into the strategy of Australian business.

Philippa outlines the importance of five-year plans, China's public policy debates and the country's evolution towards rules-based governance. Also discussed are the major policy initiatives, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, ChAFTA, China 2025 and China's climate policy.

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Episode 19: Interpreting Policy for Business

In  this episode, ACBC are joined by Andrea Myles, co-founder and CEO of CAMP, the China Australia Millennial Project – a world first, bilateral innovation and cross-cultural leadership program that connects leading talent in between both Australia and China.

The discussion looks at why Chinese millennial stand out, what takes place on a CAMP program, how to build long-term relationships in China and how Chinese and Australian skill sets complement each other, particularly in the innovation sector.

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