Melbourne is Australia's technology hub and is home to more  than half of Australia's top 20 technology companies. Victoria's digital technology industry has over 8000 companies, including many international firms such as IBM, Microsoft and NEC. Victoria's significant research and development capabilities, led by world leading research and innovation in digital usage and applications, give Melbourne a strong competitive  edge in key aspects of digital technology.

Victoria's digital technologies sector employs 83,000 people and comprises of eight thousand companies accounting for one third of Australia's digital technology sector

  • Victoria is fast establishing itself as an international hub for digital technology companies and startups.
  • Melbourne produces more digital technology graduates than any other city in Australia.
  • Supports women in tech events and programs, hosting BOLDMoves and Women In    Technology Driving For Change events.
  • Victoria's internationally competitive digital technology sector is leading the way in collaborative research services, data analytics, software development, delivery and support Victoria's position as Australia's tech and innovation leader is being strengthened by the Innovation Expert Panel,    comprising of leading entrepreneurs, educators and private sector representatives.

Melbourne has a strong base of world-class technology enabled companies. Its software development firms form a mature, well-connected and highly talented, innovative ecosystem. They collaborate in supportive startup business environments and seek opportunities in all sectors of the economy.

Technology capabilities

Victoria is recognised for its innovative capabilities in digital technology and has a strong track record of developing world-class technology-enabled businesses. We have a strong base of companies across a diverse range of key industry sectors that are increasingly adopting cutting edge technology. These sectors include utilities, industrial, agriculture, energy, mining, infrastructure, telecommunications  , retail, insurance and wealth management.

Victoria is recognised as Australia's centre for engineering and technology skills, producing more technology graduates than any other state. Our leading educational institutions are helping to develop a highly skilled, globally competitive digital technology workforce that is actively engaged in all areas of industry and business. Melbourne has four of the top 20 Universities in Australia,  two of which are highly regarded for engineering and technology. Melbourne enjoys an innovative and collaborative culture that generates good technology ideas. Our universities routinely collaborate with other organisations to progress technology development and nurture talent across multiple disciplines.

A significant industry in its own right generating annual revenues in excess of A$34 billion, Victoria's digital technology sector plays a major role in Victoria's economy and is central to enabling growth in the Victorian  Government's priority sectors.

Victoria has one of the largest R&D clusters in the southern hemisphere providing world leading, commercially focussed digital technology research. Victoria's significant research and development capabilities, and world-class collaborative infrastructure underpins our cutting edge solutions to digital  usage and applications in areas such as:

Major event – Digital Innovation Festival

Victoria is home to the Digital Innovation Festival – an international festival showcasing our vibrant digital technology and innovation capabilities and promoting our State to the rest of the world as an ideal location  for investment, business and study.

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