Melbourne's fintech expertise lies in payments, cybersecurity, robo advice, blockchain technology and data analytics.

Although still in its infancy, activity in Melbourne'sventure capital market is picking up with nameslike Brandon Capital, Adventure Capital, TrimantiumCapital, Artesian Ventures and Rampersand.The major banks are also actively invested inthe fintech sector, and there's growing interestfrom the superannuation (pension) sector.

Melbourne has a vibrant grassroots fintech network supported by a number of key groups andannual events. Key industry associations includeFintech Australia, Fintech Victoria, the MelbourneFintech Meetup group and the MelbourneBlockchain Meetup group.

Home to a growing numberof innovation hubs and co-working spaces, such as theYork Butter Factory, Inspire 9, AngelCube and theMelbourne Hub, there is strong industry supportfor the sector in Melbourne with high levels of collaboration.

Victoria has over 50 fintech companies that employ more than 500 people, such as Computershare – a world leader in financial administration, and Moula – Australia's online lender to small business.

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