Cloud technology

Melbourne has a culture of early adoption, pride  in technical excellence and innovation. Strong local research, generous  government support and the country's largest ICT workforce provide the oxygen for Melbourne's cloud and SAAS hub in what is regularly chosen as the world's most liveable city, with 'perfect' infrastructure.

The largest cloud hub in the Asia Pacific

Melbourne's cloud hub is the largest in the Asia Pacific. Investors in cloud and Software as a Service (SAAS) find Melbourne's early adoption culture, ease ofbusiness networking, technical depth, and generous funding for R&D all work together to create a critical mass of cloud/SAAS activity and expertise.Melbourne has more cloud-specific companies and listed technology companies than any other Australian city.

Melbourne's digital technology sector is a highly talented workforce with its skills refreshed by the country's strongest talent pipeline. Melbourne has more ICT  students and graduates than any other city. Over a third of all ICT masters graduates are from one of Victoria's many world-class universities. IBM Plant Location International and KPMG benchmark Melbourne as a 'very high' quality location for skills. In the wider context, the global talent index ranks Australia equal first in the Asia Pacific region.

Melbourne's cloud hub is the largest in the Asia-Pacific. Melbourne has more cloud specific  companies and listed technology companies than any other Australian city. Globally renowned Victorian cloud/SAAS companies include Aconex, Carsales, Computershare , Interactive, REA Group, Seek, Telstra and WME.

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