In an effort to streamline its internal processes to reduce delays in assessing export permit applications, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) has made changes to the mandatory exporter declaration requirements for all dairy products exported to EU.

From 14 November 2017, when applying for an export permit, exporters will be required to include the following mandatory declaration statement in the exporter’s declaration field:

“The product in this consignment complies with EU requirements for raw milk, including BMCC, TPC, Antibiotics, temperature, end product testing and is eligible for entry into the EU”

The DAWR website states all shipments of dairy products to the EU are now required to include this declaration. Exact wording is important. If the above declaration is not included in the exporter declaration field when requesting an export permit (RFP), an error will occur and the RFP will not progress until it is included.

For more information please visit the DAWR website.