Victoria Invitation Program

The Victoria Invitation Program (VIP) is an invitation-only inbound Trade Mission program showcasing the best of what Victoria has to offer. It brings together influential leaders and decision-makers in business and government to meet and develop business relationships with Victorian businesses.

The VIP calendar consists of one major showcase event each year as well as a number of bespoke, sector based events and inbound Trade Missions.

The major showcase event is held in March, with over 100 leaders and decision makers from across the globe coming to Melbourne to meet with Victoria's business delegates from a range of key industry sectors. VIP is a great way for potential export partners to experience first-hand what the state has to offer. Delivering a cross-sectoral program creates business opportunities across industry, encouraging innovation and introducing international buyers and investors to Victoria's broad range of capabilities.

The bespoke sector based events and inbound Trade Missions have a single sector focus, again welcoming influential leaders and decision makers in business and government to learn about Victoria's business capabilities, and build the foundations for new trade and investment partnerships.

For more information, please read through our full terms and conditions.