Water management: Latin America May 2019

Planning is underway

Please note that planning is currently underway for this trade mission. The information provided below is indicative only and the location and dates may be subject to change pending feedback from expressions of interest.

Trade Victoria invites expressions of interest to participate in a water management trade mission to Latin America.

VIDEO: Rubicon Water - export capabilities
Why should you attend?

Latin America provides a range of exciting opportunities for Victorian exporters of water management and water treatment goods and services.

The robust mining sector in countries such as Chile and Peru provides opportunities in tailings management, wastewater treatment, and waterway remediation.

Significant opportunities also exist in agricultural water management in major food producing countries such as Chile, Argentina and Brazil, including smart irrigation, waterway management, and water markets consulting services.

Key dates

Mission dates: May 2019
Location: Latin America

Register your interest

This trade mission is in the early stages of scoping, and we welcome expressions of interest to guide us in determining industry interest in the areas listed above, with an aim to refine the focus based on industry demand.

Register your expression of interest by sending Alex Veale an email