Rubicon Water - export advice

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Bruce Rod, CEO of Rubicon Water:

Rubicon Water is a technology business that focusses on the improvement of the delivery of water from points of storage to the root zones of crops. We match supply with demand. It's a very small gravity-fed irrigation market in Australia. We knew that to grow in the longer term we had to grow globally and be in the bigger markets.

What makes us successful in exporting is we have a product that is quite unique. We have to convince the irrigation districts and the governments wherever we go that there's this new technology that can make a huge step change in the way you manage these districts.

In those early days you need someone to open the doors for you and Trade Victoria has been great for us. When we first went to the US, the Victorian Government had a trade office in San Francisco that was hugely supportive to us for making the initial contacts and continues to support our business there. Likewise, in China.