Melbourne, Australia

The Councils of Melbourne East are pleased to present the E-Commerce Revolution conference in response to the imminent arrival of Amazon in Australia on Friday 27 October from 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Hear from experts about the opportunities available to retail and manufacturers in Melbourne's East, including:

  • Danielle Storey, Eastern Innovation Business Centre
    Danielle understands communication and customer engagement and succinctly communicates business concepts and the essential attitudes required to grow businesses and teams.
  • Chris Riddell, Future Vision
    Chris is a highly acclaimed, award winning global futurist and industry recognised speaker on emerging trends and high speed change.
  • Chris Thomas, Amazon Specialist
    Chris Thomas is a passionate Amazon expert who excels at building his brands on Amazon.
  • Taylor Tran, Innovation Melbourne
    Taylor is an author, strategist and tech founder with 20 years global experience in technology and services.
  • Merline McGregor, Practicology
    Merline is from Practicology, a strategic multichannel consultancy with offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne and Hong Kong.
  • Shawn Smith, Telstra Technology
    Shawn is Telstra’s mobility and innovation specialist, with up to the minute knowledge of technology and tools to help your business succeed.

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